Management Due Diligence

Management Due Diligence
“Our private equity group purchased a company and we’d like external help with evaluating the company’s management team and its abilities to execute the strategy and how well it will operate following the transaction.”

Opus Leadership Group clarifies how good the fit is between the company’s management team, the investment thesis and the strategic goals.  An investment in a company is not only a financial investment but also an investment in people and a management team’s leadership capabilities critically impact and steer the company’s future and potential for profitability. Clearly understanding a management team’s leadership strengths and weaknesses during the deal process and following the transaction is crucial to ensuring the goals of the deal are accomplished.

Our talent audit and due diligence process includes:

  • In-depth interview and assessment process with the leadership team
  • Alignment meetings with key stakeholders
  • Report outlining overall leadership “fit” and recommendations
  • Feedback and ongoing leadership development consultation

Our process is designed to specifically answer the question: can this team lead this company to success?