“Jennifer started working with our organization when it was experiencing it’s largest historical change of transitioning the original Executive Director with myself, another long tenured senior leader within the organization. Through our work, I was able to identify the leadership characteristics and skills needed to accelerate myself into the new position while balancing the continued growth and economic challenges impacting our organization. Through the leadership consultation process, I was able to assess the leadership talent against the new organizational structure which was required to meet the future strategy, growth and demands in the changing economic environment. Understanding of the roles of the board, the legacy of the previous Executive Director, and my leadership brand helped to ensure my successful transition as the new Executive Director.”

Executive Director-Non-Profit


“Christy is very insightful when it comes to company and team cultures. As an HR professional, I’ve worked with Christy with executive evaluations, subsequent development planning and executive coaching, as well as assisting new executives in their transition from peer to boss and integrating new executives into the company. I’ve enjoyed the many in-depth discussions with Christy about our organization, executive staff and culture. In today’s times, you can imagine the ongoing changes within an organization. Christy “get’s it” and offers many insights and suggestions to help you support the business and organization. Truly a fun, personable and intuitive consultant to work with!”

HR Director—Manufacturing


“Gregg and Andy came into our organization at a time that was about as difficult as any organization can imagine… stock price down over 90%, Intellectual Property lawsuits threatened to put the company out of business, and a history of abusive management. During our meetings and phone consultations Gregg and Andy asked the right questions and listened to my every word. They helped me identify where I needed to improve and ways to more effectively work across departments and deal with my upper managers, peers and team members. Through extremely careful and actionable coaching they helped me realize my blind spots and strengths and develop courage and insight to take action and resolve issues for my team, the company and me. Gregg and Andy’s help and insights still serve me today. I recently utilized their advice to identify a pattern of avoidance with a current team member and approach this person confidently and courageously to help bridge the gap between us. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Gregg and Andy’s help and support. Thank you guys so much.”

Senior Leader—Vonage